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MBD - Manual Balance Damper

 HMI  HAC - MBD Series - Manual Balance Damper

General Information on the HMI HOYME HAC - MBD - Manual Balance Damper -
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Model HAC - MBD is a Manual Balance damper allowing manual air flow control through a single blade, round duct. Air flow is controlled by the moving the adjustable control and the locking mechanism allows the amount of air flow to be set in place and still manually adjusted as needed.

This is a simple way of manually controlling air flow for multiple applications. 

Contact Us   if other sizing is required.

Features Include:

·   Simple installation, installs inline as part of horizontal or vertical duct

·   Galvanized steel construction

26 gauge galvanized steel from 4" to 5" Ø
24 gauge galvanized steel from 6" to 9" Ø
24 gauge galvanized re-enforced steel from 10" to 14" Ø
22 gauge galvanized re-enforced steel from 16" to 22" Ø
Other sizes and weight of steel upon request.

·   Adjustable locking mechanism

·   Neoprene foam for positive seal.

·   Suitable for fresh air inlet and low temperature exhaust air.


Options Include:

·   Stainless Steel.


HAC - **00 - MBD (-S)

Where ** is the size of the Damper

Example: HAC - 0800 - MBD

for Stainless Steel Option add the "-S" to the part number.

Example: HAC - 0800 - MBD - S

General Information Sheet - Printer friendly (pdf)


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