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ADP-024T-S20VA - Installation Instructions

Installation instructions - Printer friendly (pdf)

ADP-024T-S20VA - Information Page

24Vac – Transformer Adaptor Enclosure with Switch

Easy to Follow Installation Instructions for the


HMI HOYME Adaptor ADP-024T-S20VA

Transformer Enclosure: This 24Vac Transformer Adaptor Switch enclosure is a switch enabled 24Vac adaptor with 120Vac plug-in cord.

This Adaptor is designed to provide switchable 24Vac power to devices as needed, like 24Vac Motorized Dampers(up to 20VA).


Application may include but is not limited to providing 24Vac power on demand to open a Fresh Air Damper or dampers as needed.

For example: A motorized hood damper providing fresh air for a fireplace.



Installation of this Transformer Adaptor  to a Power Open Damper:

1. Mount the Adaptor ADP-024T-S20VA in a convenient place near a 120Vac outlet and the damper requiring 24Vac power with two screws supplied.

2. Inside the adaptor are three terminals, the two outside ones are part of the 24Vac transformer on/off switch.(see wiring diagram)
3. The center terminal is not part of the transformer. and is only there to connect any other wiring that may be joined together (instead of using a wire nut).
4. Using 2C/18 gauge thermostat wire, connect damper motor wires, one to each of the terminals inside the enclosure to power to the damper.
5. Plug the adaptor into the 120Vac outlet.
6. Turn on the On - Off Switch and 24Vac transformer will supply necessary power to open the damper.


Switch turned ON: Power is supplied to the transformer allowing the damper to power open.


Switch turned OFF: Power is cut to the transformer allowing the damper to spring closed.


ADP-024T-S20VA - Wiring Diagram

This wiring diagram is also found inside the cover of the Adaptor


Installation instructions - Printer friendly (pdf)

ADP-024T-S20VA - Information Page

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