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ADP - 1101 - 10AV - (120Vac controlled line voltage to Switch 24Vac and 120Vac)

HMI Interface Relay Adaptors

HMI Hoyme ADP- 1101 - 10AV

This Adaptor ADP-1101-10AV  
interfaces with two exhaust fan switches which control the same exhaust fan: one switch that controls one exhaust fan only and another switch that controls the same exhaust fan together with a furnace circulation fan and a 24Vac inlet damper. It has two 120Vac coil relays with contact points switching both 120Vac and 24Vac circuits.
See schematic wiring diagram for details.  

Installation instructions - Printer friendly (pdf)

Colored Wiring Diagrams used with the ADP-1101-10AV 

#. - Basic Wiring Diagram

ADP-1101-10AV - Interface Relay Adpator

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