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HAC - 12 - Universal Fresh Air Damper - 120Vac

 HMI   HAC - 12 Series - Universal Fresh Air Control Damper - 120 Vac  
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This universal motorized  1 20Vac Fresh Air Control Damper , Series   HAC , fastens to an air duct in-line to control the flow of air, partially or completely, depending on its mechanical setting. 

CSA International Certified. Satisfaction guaranteed.

HAC 12 - One Motor

HAC - 12 - One Motor

HAC - Belimo Actuator - 120Vac

  HAC - Belimo Actuator - 120Vac

HAC - H - Fresh Air Damper for Heat - 120 Vac

 HAC - 12 - H
- Fresh Air Damper for Heat - 120 Vac
HAC - LT - Fresh Air Damper Insulated with Thermal Switch - 120 Vac

 HAC - 12 - LT
- Fresh Air Damper Insulated with Thermal Switch - 120 Vac
4" - 9" in Diameter 8" - 20" in Diameter Motor and controls are mounted
1" away from Damper body
Insulated with thermal switch mounted
on Damper body

Various Belimo 120Vac Actuator models may be ordered

HAC - H - Larger sizes
Over 20" in diameter with Belimo Actuators.

x = Diameter in Inches
* = P
O - Power Open or P C - Power Closed Damper
S P* = includes End Switch
O P* = No End Switch
HAC-0x1 2-OPO <- the " 2" in this position indicates 120Vac

*General Damper Identification : i.e. HAC - 0612 - SPC - H (Special for heat)

Diameter (in)
End Switch
Power Open/Closed
Special for heat

Features Include:  
  • Easy to install in-line as part of standard air duct.
  • Durable, patented  HMI   HOYME 'spring motor drive' with nylon bearings.
  • 26 ga. galv. steel from 4" to 5" dia.; 24 ga. galv. steel from 6" to 9" dia.; 24 ga. galv. re-enforced steel from 10" to 14" dia.; 22 ga. galv. re-enforced steel from 16" to 18" dia.: Other sizes and weight of steel upon request.
  • These dampers can be used for the new ventilation code which requires a designated exhaust fan, a centrally located switch marked 'VENTILATION' and a fresh air intake damper, all interconnected to the furnace circulation fan. See   HMI   Interface Relay Adaptors' which have been specially designed for these dampers and new ventilation codes.

Other options that may be added:

Make-up Air Installation
HAC - Make-up Air Damper Installation with a Forced Air Furnace and HOM - Combustion Air Damper
HAC and HOM installed with a Forced Air Furnace
HAC damper is pictured in green.
HAC- Make-up air Installation
 Humidifier Installation
HAC - Humidifier Installation
 Zone Air Installation
HAC - Zone Air Installation

Colored Wiring Diagrams used with HAC-12 Series

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