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Colored Wiring Diagram #8B4

Forced Air Furnace with a replacement air supply duct controlled by a fresh air Power Open Damper

HMI Hoyme Manufacturing Inc. Special Note: Circuits are colored for clarification only and are not necessarily those found in actual installations.

Color Wiring Diagram #8B4

Diagram #8B4: A Forced Air Furnace having a combustion air supply duct and also a replacement air supply duct that provides additional air for a 120Vac gas dryer and for the normal operation of the home.

1. Combustion Air Damper (HOM-0x12-SF2) for two appliances.
2. 24Vac Relay Adaptor with a Duplex Receptacle and a Red Light on/off Switch (RADP-0242-S10A) to function as a control centre interlocked to 120Vac supply for a plug-in type Gas Dryer.
3. Replacement Air Control Damper (Power Open) HAC-0x10-OPO (‘x’= diameter of duct).

1. Combustion Air Damper is interlocked to open for furnace firing and/or interlocked to open for dryer operation.
2. The Gas Dryer cord is plugged into the receptacle of the Adaptor RADP-0242-S10A and the Adaptor cord is plugged into wall outlet previously occupied by the dryer. The Gas Dryer will operate only after the Red Light Switch is turned on and the Combustion Air Damper is in the open position.
3. The HAC-0x10-OPO (Power Open) damper will open and close simultaneously with the Combustion Air Damper during the drying cycle and heating cycle. When the Dryer has completed its cycle, the Adaptor Red Light Switch is to be turned off allowing the Combustion Air Damper and the Replacement Air Damper to close.

Note: This installation does not interfere with the normal operation of the heating cycle of the furnace or the cooling cycle of the air conditioner.

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