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Colored Wiring Diagram #8A8

High Efficiency Forced Air Furnace with Power Open replacement air duct and a 120Vac Gas Dryer that requires a separate fresh air duct for its operation

HMI Hoyme Manufacturing Inc. Special Note: Circuits are colored for clarification only and are not necessarily those found in actual installations. Wires of the Combustion Air Damper, however, are colored as shown .
Colored Wiring Diagram #8A8

Diagram #8A8: Forced Air Furnace having a replacement air supply duct into the return plenum that provides fresh air for living area in the home. Also included is a  separate fresh air duct for a 120Vac Gas Dryer.


1. Fresh Air Damper with Relay and End Switch MAC-0x11-SPC  (Power Close).  

2. 24Vac Relay Adaptor with a Duplex Receptacle and a Red Light (on/off) Switch RADP-0241-S10A

3. Replacement Air Control Damper HAC-0x10-OPO (Power Open).



1. The MAC Fresh Air Damper is to be open before the dryer operates. It is interconnected to the furnace and to the adaptor RADP-0241-S10A. 

2. The RADP-0241-S10A is plugged into a regular 120Vac outlet and the Gas Dryer is plugged into the RADP-0241-S10A receptacle. 

3. Manually turning on the  Red Light Switch opens the MAC Fresh Air Damper  and closes the end switch to turn the red light on. The damper is thus proven open (interlocked) ready for the dryer to run. 

4. The Replacement Air Damper HAC-0x10-OPO and the furnace circulation fan will operate simultaneously when the red light switch is turned on. 

5. After the dryer cycle is complete, the Red Light Switch may be turned off causing the furnace fan to stop and the dampers to close.


The Optional on/off Switch will override the HAC Damper to be continually open.


Note:   This installation does not interfere with the normal operation of the heating or cooling cycles  of the furnace.


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