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HLS - Heat Limit Switch

Heat limit Switch HLS-1100 for use with HOM - Combustion Air Damper
       HLS-1100 - Heat Limit Switch     
The Heat limit switch is placed in-line with the source of 24v Power to the motor of the damper.(usually between “R” on the appliance and #5(blue wire) of the HOM - Combustion Air Damper ) using regular thermostat wire. 
color wiring diagram #1A with Combustion Air Damper and Furnace
color wiring diagram #1B Domestic Hot Water alone.
The Heat limit switch is normally closed but opens when it reaches 130 F cutting the power to the damper and causing the damper to drop open.
After it has cooled back down to 115 F the switch returns to the closed position and restores power to the motor causing the damper to also close.
The Heat limit Switch can be used in conjunction with a regular appliance attached to the Hoyme HOM - Combustion Air Damper (pictured below) without interfering with it’s normal operation.

Exhausting stack/Flue vent above Water Heater  with Heat limit switch installed. 
(Also pictured is the HOM - Combustion Air Damper

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