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Why is my A/C on when I turn on my Vent switch?

Why does my A/C turn on whenever I turn on my designated Ventilation switch?

Answer: A vent switch is used to turn on a designated ventilation exhaust fan and the furnace circulation fan simultaneously. A common practice is to use a combination switch or relay connected to “R” and “G” of the furnace causing the furnace fan to run. As the thermostat is also connected to “G” and “Y” of the furnace, a feedback through the thermostat will cause the A/C motor to run.

Solution: Install an adaptor ADP-1101-05A which will automatically isolate the vent switch from the thermostat thus preventing the A/C from running while venting.

If you have recently installed your
ADP-1101-05A Relay adaptor and find that your Air Conditioning is now on unexpectedly, that may be due to the fact that your GF and GT wires have been installed in reverse. the GT wire should be connected to your  Thermostat terminal G and your  GF wire should be connected to your Furnace terminal G.

This is why your   ADP-1101-05A is necessary. If a simple 24v relay were to be used to control your damper with a ventilation switch then the 24v would risk feeding the voltage signal back through the Furnace and Thermostat "G" terminals back to the "Y" terminal which would in turn signal your Air conditioner to come on.

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