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RADP - 0241 - 10A - (24Vac coil with 120Vac switching up to 10A and a split live/controlled receptacle)

HMI  Interface Relay Adaptors

HMI Hoyme RADP- 0241- 10A

This Interface Adaptor comes with a Relay 2 4Vac Coil SPDT  to develop a  10A  contact capacity and a Relay  24Vac Coil DPDT  to develop multiple contact points together with a split  Duplex Receptacle.  The split Receptacle provides a controlled plus a continuous 120Vac power supply outlet. The two 24Vac Coils are connected in parallel and therefore act as one relay. This Adaptor allows for a 24Vac circuit such as a furnace safety control circuit or a 24Vac damper with end switch to control a 120Vac PLUG-IN fan for ventilation, zone control or fresh air control.

Installation instructions - Printer friendly (pdf)    

Colored Wiring Diagrams used with the RADP-0241-10A  

#8A2. Replacement air damper Power Open with 120Vac plug-in vent fan & dampers controlled by vent switch



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