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TRADP - 1102 - TPX - (120Vac-5A and 24Vac-10A coils with 24Vac switching, Interlocked with a Timer and split receptacle)

HMI Interface Relay Adaptors

HMI Hoyme TRADP- 1102- TPX

This TRADP-1102-TPX adaptor includes two relays, a 24Vac interva­l timer and a split duplex receptacle. This adaptor acts as an automatic con­trol cen­tre to simultaneously turn on a fur­nace fan, start a plug-in type exhaust fan and open a 24Vac motorized air inlet dampe­r. The duplex receptacle is split to accommodate a live outlet and a controlled 120Vac outlet for the exhaust fan. A designated ventilation switch may be added for direct control to override the timer.

Installation instructions - Printer friendly (pdf)

Instructions for Timer alone

Instructions for Timer alone - Printer friendly (pdf)  

Colored Wiring Diagrams used with the TRADP-1102-TPX  

Plug-in exhaust fan controlled by a designated ventilation switch and automatic interval timer

120Vac Vent Fans, Vent Switch, Timer Adaptor with 1102-TWP Adaptor, Replacement air damper (Power Close)


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