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Emergency Water Shut-off

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Emergency Water Shut-off

Stops Leaks Before They Turn Into Floods!

The EWS is designed around a cube which sits on the floor and dissolves whenever it comes in contact with water. When the cube dissolves a weight falls, thereby shutting off the water supply valve. The EWS can be applied directly to hot water tanks or main water lines with out electricity. The EWS however can also be supplied with a 24VAC solenoid and remote sensors to control a leaking sink, dishwasher, toilet or washing machine.

Installation instructions included.

The Basic Kit comes with a top quality 3/4" Shut-off ball valve, Multi-hole valve bracket, Trip weight, Channel guide, Cable guide, 5 FT. of 1/16" Cable, Mounting screws and One soluble cube.

The 24VAC solenoid type comes with the above plus 1 remote sensor and a 24Vac transformer (additional sensors extra).

Basic Kit Shipping weight - 8 lbs. (3.18 KG.)

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Installation Instructions - web page

Installation Instructions - pdf version

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