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Colored Wiring Diagram #12A

Vent switch and interlocking replacement air on a plug in exhaust fan

HMI Hoyme Manufacturing Inc. Special Note: Circuits are colored for clarification only and are not necessarily those found in actual installations.

Color Wiring Diagram #12A

Diagram #12A: Forced Air Furnace having a replacement air supply duct together with a designated Ventilation Switch and/or bathroom timer to turn on a Plug-in Exhaust Fan INTERLOCKED with a replacement air control damper .

1. Replacement Air Damper (Power Close) with Relay and End Switch 
2. Ventilation Switch and/or bathroom timer. 
3. Relay Adaptor (RADP-1102-TPX) which functions as a control centre.

1. Replacement air damper opens during furnace firing.  
2. Ventilation Switch and/or bathroom timer opens the Replacement Air Damper. After Replacement Damper proves to be in the open position (INTERLOCKED), it signals the exhaust Fan and Furnace Fan to turn on thus guarantying fresh air in to replace the exhausted air. 
3. Optional switch (i.e. toggle switch, de-humidistat) allows full independent control of Replacement Air Damper to open at any time provided it is the PC type.

N.B. Replacement Air Damper is not affected by the ‘Manual’ setting of the furnace fan.

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