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HMI HOYME Manufacturing Inc., since 1984, designs and manufactures unique energy efficient motorized air control dampers and devices for the commercial and residential heating and ventilation industries. Friendly to the environment plus meeting ventilation requirements, HMI HOYME dampers and accessories have proven to be well accepted by the HVAC industry across the United States and Canada.

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HOM - Combustion Air Damper

The COMBUSTION FRESH AIR DAMPER, Series ' HOM ' is motorized and used for the control of fresh air for combustion. It is patented and Code Certified to be field installed and interlocked with a thermostat of a furnace or aqua-stat of a boiler, using either oil, propane or natural gas. The damper is placed at the terminating end of an insulated fresh air inlet duct beside the furnace. When the thermostat asks for heat, this motorized damper opens to allow fresh air for complete combustion. When the furnace stops, the damper closes to prevent the entry of unnecessary cold air. This results in added comfort with a definite saving of fuel.

HAC - Universal Air Damper

Another HMI HOYME damper is the Series ' HAC ' AIR CONTROL DAMPER - These dampers are placed in-line and are used for FRESH AIR VENTILATION and ZONE AIR CONTROL. When used for ventilation, any exhaust fan turned on will open the fresh air damper and thus fresh air is brought in to replace air being exhausted.

HAC-F - Flue Damper

HMI HOYME also manufactures a CSA certified Flue damper called a ' HAC-F ' Flue Damper - These dampers are placed in-line and are designed to save energy by stopping the escape of warm air up the chimney vent while the heating appliance is not firing and is interlocked to be open during firing. This damper is spring loaded and fails-safe-open in the event of power failure.

HCR/HSI - Rectangular and Slip-in Type Air Damper

HCR Damper
Yes! HMI HOYME Manufacturing also makes rectangular dampers, known as the HCR and HSI series which are available as a single blade rectangular and also an easy install slip-in type. These are available by customer request and are made with the same care and attention as our famous round dampers. The standard dampers are 24 volt, Power open or Power close with optional end switches. They can be outfitted with our patented drive motors or various types of larger Belimo motors with various shaft sizes. Contact factory for ordering information.
Interface Relay Adaptor

Check out our Interface Relay Adaptors page. These adaptors have a number of uses related to controlling our fresh air dampers and interlocking with but not interfering with your existing HVAC system. They are also useful for zone air control, with a thermostat in each room it will open the damper for proper air flow to that room.

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Canadian Made Quality

 HOYME dampers are Canadian-made helping save you money and live in comfort. Click here to find Canadian contractors or wholesalers near you.
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 HOYME dampers and accessories are internationally certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to include both United States and Canada.

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