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BPD - Back Pressure Damper

 HMI  HAC - BPD Series - Back Pressure Damper

General Information on the  HMI HOYME HAC BPD - Back Pressure Damper

Model HAC-BPD is a Barometric Pressure or By-Pass regulating damper allowing static pressure through a single blade, round or rectangular relief duct. Resistance is controlled by the offsetting arm and adjustable weight.

This is a simple, economical way of bypassing excess static pressure in multi-zone applications. 

Contact Us   if other sizing is required.

Features Include:

·   Simple installation, installs inline as part of horizontal duct

·   Galvanized steel construction

26 gauge galvanized steel from 4" to 5" Ø
24 gauge galvanized steel from 6" to 9" Ø
24 gauge galvanized re-enforced steel from 10" to 14" Ø
22 gauge galvanized re-enforced steel from 16" to 22" Ø
Other sizes and weight of steel upon request.

·   Adjustable counterweight

·   Neoprene foam for positive seal.

·   Suitable for low volume fresh air inlet and low temperature exhaust air.


Options Include:

·   Stainless Steel.

·   Round or Rectangular design

HAC - **00 - BPD (-S)

Where ** is the size of the Damper

Example: HAC - 0800 - BPD

for Stainless Steel Option add the "-S" to the part number.

Example: HAC - 0800 - BPD - S

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