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CPD - Chimney-top Power Damper

HMI  CPD - Chimney-top Power Damper  

Installation Instructions - PDF -(coming soon) 
Specification Sheet for ordering PDF-(coming soon)

Chimney-top Power Damper with cover

Chimney-top Power Damper without cover

Tight Seal Keeps Chimney Warm

This Chimney-top Power Damper is custom made to the internal dimensions of the chimney flue. A low voltage wire is strung down the outside of the chimney, through the building wall and connected to a 24Vac On-off-On switch and 24Vac indicator light. The On-off-on switch is usually placed near the fireplace hearth and turns on the 24Vac power required for the damper to open. The damper is also equipped with a proving end switch. This switch wired to a 24Vac indicator light lets the user know the damper is open.

This damper is designed for a Chimney with an existing cap or top. 

Installation Instructions - PDF - (coming soon)

Specification Sheet for ordering - PDF - (coming soon)

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