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ADP - 1103 - TWP - (120Vac controlled line voltage to Switch 24Vac)

HMI Interface Relay Adaptors

HMI Hoyme ADP- 1103 - TWP

This Adaptor ADP-1103-TWP is an automatic switch to actuate a 24Vac Replacement Ventilation air damper to open while running a designated exhaust fan or during the firing cycle of one or the other of two furnaces sharing a common fresh air duct. Running the exhaust fan will simultaneously cause the replacement air damper to open and the main furnace fan only to run. The firing of either furnace will also cause the replacement air damper to open.

Installation instructions - Printer friendly (pdf)

Colored Wiring Diagrams used with the ADP-1103-TWP 

#. - Basic Wiring Diagram

ADP-1103-TWP - Interface Relay Adpator

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