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BDH - Back Draft Hood Damper

  HMI    BDH Series - Back Draft Hood Damper

General Information on the  HMI HOYME BDH - Back Draft Hood Damper
The Hoyme Back Draft Hood Damper is designed specifically as an outlet only damper.

(The Inlet model is the
00H -All Weather Hood )

There are two types available from Hoyme Manufacturing.

Spring closed (an end switch may also be added to the spring closed model) 

Backdraft Hood Damper - Regular Metal

And Gravity closed. 

Backdraft Hood Damper - Painted White Metal

Both types are available in either regular or white painted metal. 

The BDH - Back Draft Hood commonly comes in sizes of 4" - 12" in diameter.

Contact the factory if other sizing is required.

Model Number Identification:

BDH - **00 - x00 (-G)


Where ** is the size of the Damper and x  indicates an end switch (with an S or a 0).

For example, an 8" Back Draft Hood - Spring Closed would be

BDH - 0800 - 000
Example with an End switch:

BDH - 0800 - S00
Example for Gravity closed (instead of spring closed):

BDH - 0800 - 000 - G
Example for Gravity Closed with an End Switch:

BDH - 0800 - S00 - G


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